Russian sex spies, sounds a bit like something you’d see in one of those old James Bond movies from the Cold War era.

But the Canadian government believes that a Russian born woman living in Canada worked for the Russian secret police as a sex spy.

Not this is not the plot of a movie, it is actually real. 

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The government believes that during the 1990’s a Russian born woman named Elena Crenna did work for Russia’s secret police, the FSB, against Canadian interests.

In 1994 Crenna began work as a translator on a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation project in Tver, a city northwest of Moscow.

While working there she was approached by an FSB agent who wanted her to tell him about the project and who was working on it. 

The government says that Crenna then told the FSB agent things about the project, while the FSB agent began to pursue a romantic relationship with her bringing her flowers and chocolates. 

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The Immigration and Refugee Board, however, disagreed in a ruling against the government’s position, saying that while Crenna did answer the FSB agents questions “she never recorded or noted information with the intent of relaying it to the FSB.”

The board also says that none of the information she gave to the agent was against the interests of Canada. 

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This likely isn’t the end of the issue for Crenna though as the government has apparently told her that they plan to appeal the decision to the Federal Court of Canada. 

Source: Global News