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The Canadian House Of Commons Has Just Shut Down The Senate's Request To Not Legalize At Home Marijuana Growing

As we’re sure you all know Canada is supposed to get legal marijuana this summer, the only questions are when, and why is it taking so long to make it legal?

We still have no specific date for that first question, but as to what the hold up is it’s because the House of Commons and the Senate are having a massive fight over the law.

Recently the Senate voted on a bunch of new amendments into the law, and the House doesn’t like a lot of them. 

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The one that will most affect people is the idea of letting people grow their own pot at home once it’s legal, something the Senate says provinces should be allowed to ban.

The House though completely disagrees, they think you should be able to keep up to 4 plants at home.

The House also says that there should be a ban on marijuana producers creating branded swag, such as a pot leaf on a t-shirt, an idea the Senate has commented saying that they don't support at all. 

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The House also says it will reject the Senate's idea of keeping a registry of shareholders and people working in the cannabis industry, something the Senate says will help kill the black market.

MPs will now vote on their rewritten bill with the rejections before sending it back to the Senate where things could quickly get messy.

If the Senate digs in its heels it will likely delay the legalization of pot even longer. 

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And if they do pass it marijuana will still not be legal in Canada, the Prime Minister and his cabinet will have the final say on a date for legalization, likely 8-12 weeks after the bill passes the Senate. 

Source: CP24