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The Canadian Model Rick Genest, Known As "Zombie Boy," Has Died At 32-Years Old

The model made famous by Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" music video took his own life.
The Canadian Model Rick Genest, Known As "Zombie Boy," Has Died At 32-Years Old

The Canadian model, Rick Genest, who was known as "Zombie Boy" is dead at only 32-years old. It's been reported that Genest died by suicide on Wednesday.

It has been reported that Montreal Police found the model dead in his apartment. Genest would have turned 33 next Tuesday on August 7.

Genest got his first tattoo at age 16 and after a few years, his whole body was covered in ink. After living on the streets of Montreal, Genest started by performing in the sideshow business as a bizarre entertainer.

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His claim to major fame was his 2011 performance alongside pop-star Lady Gaga in her "Born This Way" music video which helped spark his modelling career.

The "Zombie Boy"was discovered in 2010 when he was featured in a campaign for French fashion brand, Thierry Mugler.

His modelling career also led him across the world where he would walk in many runway fashion shows.

Genest is also a Guinness World Record holder for the most insect tattoos on the human body at 176, as well as the most human bone tattoos with 139.

In fact, there will even be a bronze statue of Genest to be displayed in London's Science Museum next year. British artist, Marc Quinn was set to create it and had called the model himself artwork earlier this year.

This is yet another loss this year by suicide and once again demonstrates that you never truly know an individual's personal struggle.

Source: CBC

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