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The Canadian Province With The Most Pot Smokers Was Just Revealed And It's Not At All Who You Thought It Would Be

With legalization a mere 4 days away, Canadians are gearing up to legally spark up across the country. Of course, it would be naive to think that Canadians haven't already been smoking during the years marijuana hasn't been a legalized substance. While many already have their preconceived ideas of which province or territory smokes the most, it turns out that there's actual data on it and the results are pretty shocking. 

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Statistics Canada, as usual, found a way to get statistics on the subject and answered the question of which province or territory actually smokes the most to put those stereotypes to bed. While many think it's either BC or Ontario, the data brought a completely different province to the table. 

The statistics which calculated consumption of cannabis per person per year showed of all places, Nova Scotia as the front-running cannabis consumer with 27.06 grams. British Columbia did follow close behind though with 24.60 grams as well as Alberta with 24.08 grams. 

Via Statistics Canada

The lowest of the provinces and territories was none other than two of the territories. With Nunavut hitting 13.62 grams and the Northwest Territories at 15.30 grams. Surprisingly, Saskatchewan was low on the totem pole as well with the third lowest consumption level coming in at 16.37. 

Via Statistics Canada

If the data shows us anything, it's that our assumption that British Columbia reigns as the biggest consumer of marijuana is dead wrong, rather our friends over at the Maritimes are the culprits! It also showed that up in the territories there isn't much cannabis consumption going on, though this could be a result of a significantly lower population in contrast to the other areas of the country. 

Regardless, the statistics definitely ranked the provinces and territories in a very different way than many would have initially thought it would. Considering that most of the provinces and territories hit in and around the 20-gram mark, October 17th is definitely going to be a wild day across the country, to say the least! 

Source:Stats Canada

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