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The Canadian University You Need To Check Out If You Want To Advance In Your Career

An education as unique as you are.

Have you ever sat at a job, wondering how you got there and daydreaming about all the things you could accomplish if only you went back to school, but hated the idea of  “traditional” education? Trust, most of us have been there.

The answer? Royal Roads University.

So, what exactly does Royal Roads offer that no other university does? Interdisciplinary programs that allow you to tailor your education to your passions—which is absolutely key!

Royal Roads understands that the modern world comes with its own intricacies, which is exactly why it offers course options that explore complex ideas and real-world problems in areas like professional communication, environmental practice, justice studies, and business. You can focus on your personal passions while gaining the professional skills that are in demand.

The Interdisciplinary Studies programs are available either entirely online or in a blended delivery model that combines the enriching experience of short, hands-on on-campus residencies with the convenience of online learning. If you’ve ever fantasized about following your career aspirations while staying on top of daily demands and responsibilities, look no further. You get the best of both worlds at Royal Roads.

Their unique academic model gives you the ability to build an individualized education plan while maintaining your personal goals, all with the guidance of interdisciplinary scholars. Royal Roads allows you the liberty of combining courses from multiple areas of study, as well as credits from other institutions, in order to build a comprehensive degree customized to your specific goals. 

Whether you’re interested in getting a degree, just topping up your current credentials or aspiring to earn your doctorate, Royal Roads has program options that are perfect for helping you reach your long-term goals. 

The Interdisciplinary Studies programs offer you a more personal approach to education and let you customize your learning experience in order to suit your needs, no matter your lifestyle. After all, what's more important than furthering your education to attain your career aspirations? (Nothing, that's what!) It’s definitely worth the investment.

Want to learn more about Royal Roads University and their course offerings? Check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for more info!