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Alberta's Most Iconic Dive Bar Is Reopening In Canmore Tomorrow

Welcome home, Canmore Hotel.

Canmore’s beloved dive bar is re-opening after leaving a pint-shaped hole in the hearts of locals for years. The Canmore Hotel, or "The Ho" as locals call it, is back in action and opening its doors once again this Thursday, Aug. 29 for locals to drink beer and listen to live music just like the good old days.

“Exciting times are ahead for the Canmore Hotel property!” Robby Aurora, the owner of the Canmore Hotel told Narcity. “Most importantly, we are proud to say that ’The Ho’ is coming back as an affordable place to drink and eat, all while being an energetic venue!”

What was formerly The Ho has been operating as Half Hitch Brewing since September 2017. Aurora explained that Canmore loved the beer but missed The Ho. “We are bringing back some of the old bar feel and prices, all while being very beer-forward,” he told us.

You can still enjoy Half Hitch craft beer, just with a little more of that indescribable Canmore Hotel vibe locals have been missing. The grand re-opening party will be taking place Thursday, Aug. 29 featuring music by The Hilties band from Nelson, B.C.

The Canmore Hotel was built back in 1890 when Canmore was just a gritty little mining town. As tourism grew and the streets began to crowd, Canmoreites clung to their dingy safe haven at The Ho, a place seemingly untouched by time.

To our dismay, the Hotel closed down for renovations in 2016. After being declared a municipal historic site in 2015, we knew the outside of the building would be maintained, but we had no idea what was to come for the inside where our endearingly disgusting bar used to be.

A year and a half later in 2017, Half Hitch Brewing, an Albertan brewing company, set up shop in the Canmore Hotel and opened their doors for business. 

Although locals enjoyed the beer and the new patio, it was a unanimous feeling that it just wasn’t the same. Thankfully, our dive bar prayers have been answered. The grand re-opening marks the start of a new era for the iconic Canmore Hotel and reminds us of Canmore’s rich history.