The newest season of ABC's The Bachelor is premiering next month in January, and the full list of contestants have just been revealed today. The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison announced that 30 women will be competing to win over Colton Underwood's heart this season. We've taken a look at all the new candidates and surprisingly, there are two women from Canada!

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ABC posted onto Youtube today a video of Chris Harrison introducing all the women who will be on this season of The Bachelor. As always, there are some interesting selections so that ABC can try to make the newest season the most dramatic season ever.

For season 23 of The Bachelor, there is not one, but two Canadians competing for Colton Underwood's heart. Alex B. and Caitlin will be representing Team Canada on the newest season of The Bachelor, and both the east coast and west coast will be represented. 

Via Bachelor Nation on ABC Youtube Channel

Alex B., whose full name is Alex Blumberg, is a Dog Rescuer from Vancouver, so her and Colton already share one similarity in their love for dogs – that's probably enough to get her past night one. She is 29-years-old and according to her Instagram, she works with the CAARE Rescue, which is a non-profit that is dedicated to improving animal welfare, according to their website

Chris Harrison talks about this Vancouverite and calls her "opinionated" in the Youtube video. According to him, on night one, she was feeling "a little under the weather and she had some stuff to battle on night one, but she will overcome".

Her ABC bio says, "Alex is the proud owner of a successful dog rescue business, which takes her all over the world in search of four-legged friends to save. To date, she's saved almost 5000 dogs from slaughter. Luckily for Alex, rumor has it Colton is a dog lover too". 

Via Bachelor Nation on ABC Youtube Channel

Caitlin Clemmens is representing the East Coast of Canada. The 25-year-old is from Toronto and graduated from Western University, based on her Instagram. She is a realtor for Starke Realty Team, which is in Toronto. 

Chris Harrison hints that she "makes a popping impression on Colton right away". She is introduced as not just a realtor, but a successful realtor in her ABC bio. It reads, "Caitlin is a successful realtor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who enjoys photography, painting and singing in the shower. Here's hoping she musters the courage to belt out a few tunes in front of Colton...or, maybe not?". 

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December 6, 2018

There are several noteworthy (and by that, we mean weird and random) contestants in this season of The Bachelor. One contestant, a 23-year-old named Alex D., lists her occupation as a "Sloth". Another woman Erin, a 28-year-old from Texas, says that her job is "Cinderella". Oh and in case you're wondering, no, they aren't any Laurens on this season of the Bachelor – groundbreaking. 

You can check out the full video introducing all the contestants below. 

Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor will air on January 7th with a three-hour long premiere. To see the full list of contestants, you can visit ABC's website