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7 Of Canada’s Cheapest Houses Are Actually Super Rustic & Charming (PHOTOS)

Almost all of these homes cost less than $30,000!
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The Cheapest Houses In Canada Are Actually Super Rustic & Charming (PHOTOS)

Calling all real estate lovers! When you imagine a house that costs less than $40,000, you might picture a property that is old, run-down and in need of a lot of work. While this is often the case, there’s always an exception to the rule. In fact, some of the cheapest houses in Canada are surprisingly quaint, and they’ve got a rustic charm that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Canadian real estate is not cheap, and in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, it’s almost impossible to find an awesome property at an affordable price.

However, if you’re willing to put in a little bit of hard work, there are houses for sale in Canada that actually cost less than $25,000!

Obviously, these properties are not Kardashian-inspired mansions, and they often need a serious bit of TLC.

That said, if you’ve got a little bit of free time, and you’re prepared to get your hands dirty, you could make one of Canada’s cheapest homes the property of your dreams!

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, look no further.

These seven homes are some of the cheapest in the whole of the country, and they’re already pretty cute. With a bit of tidying up, you could have an incredible home for less than $50K.

What's not to love?!

57004 Range Road, Lafond

Price: $24,900

Address: 118 - 57004 Range Road, Lafond, AB

Description: This sunny little property is actually deceivingly large. There's three bedrooms, a double garage and a pretty spacious kitchen. While it probably needs a few touch-ups, you can't go wrong for less than $25,000!

[image 5e98932e32f20754b1bc6db8]

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367 Rue Principale, Eel River Crossing

Price: $25,000

Address: 367 Rue Principale, Eel River Crossing, NB

Description: This huge house is located in the heart of Eel River Crossing. With a central location, a sizable bathroom and two bedrooms, it's certainly spacious enough. While the kitchen, bathroom and flooring needs some work, it's a real steal for the price.

[image 5e989ce5980f98547e45f244]

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30 Centennial Crescent, Swan Hills

Price: $29,900

Address: 30 Centennial Crescent, Swan Hills, AB

Description: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms and 1,190 square feet, all for less than $30K! This rustic home even has a wood fireplace, a dining room and a partially finished basement. Score.

[image 5e989467980f98547e45f144]

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78 Coney Drive, Saint Paul County

Price: $39,900

Address: 78 Coney Drive, Rural Saint Paul County, AB

Description: This home, while a little more pricey, has some serious potential for the right buyer. The property comes with 0.52 acres, and is surrounded by trees.

According to the listing, there's plenty of room to expand, extend or even totally rebuild, so it's an opportunity unlike any other.

[image 5e989a45980f98547e45f202]

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4510 50 Avenue, Castor

Price: $25,000

Address: 4510 50 Avenue, Castor, AB

Description: If you're looking for a fixer-upper, this is the house for you. While this cute-but-sad little house definitely needs a a bit of lovin', there's serious potential for somebody who knows what they're doing.

The services need to be reconnected, and it certainly needs a lick of paint, but this large, three-bedroom property will 100% be worth it.

[image 5e98960032f20754b1bc6e20]

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53 Avenue, Provost

Price: $40,000

Address: 53 Avenue, Provost, AB

Description: Talk about charm! This three-bedroom, one-bathroom home is cute as a button, and it comes with a very reasonable price tag. It's also got a full basement, a big garage, and considerable garden space. Win-win.

[image 5e98920b980f98547e45f101]

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17 Jackson Street, Buchans

Price: $24,900

Address: 17 Jackson Street, Buchans, NL,

Description: If you want a bargain without the hard work, look no further. This two-bedroom, one-bathroom house is ready to move in right now, all it needs is a paint touch-up and your furniture!

[image 5e989dc932f20754b1bc6f26]

[image 5e989dd832f20754b1bc6f28]

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