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The CIBC And BMO Hackers Are Threatening To Reveal All The Personal Information They Stole

Yesterday both CIBC’s Simplii Financial and BMO revealed that they had been exposed to a hack and that thousands of their customers information may have been stolen

Well now the hackers themselves are speaking out and apparently have tried to get the banks to give them a ransom in exchange for the information back. 

So, what exactly did they ask for in exchange for the return of the information?  

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Cryptocurrency. And a lot of it. 

In a Russian-based email sent out to members of the media the hackers said they asked the banks for total of $1 million U.S. in the form of a cryptocurrency called Ripple. 

The deadline for the banks to pay that up was last night, neither bank has said whether or not they did.  

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"We warned BMO and Simplii that we would share their customers informations if they don't cooperate," the hackers said in the email. 

The hackers claim that they accessed information such as names, account numbers, passwords, security questions and answers and even social insurance numbers and account balances from each bank.   

The banks are doing the best they can to limit the damage of the attack, with each releasing statements on twitter. 

Customer Update: BMO has proactively shut down access to customer accounts identified as potentially impacted by the breach. Credit and Debit Mastercard customers can still conduct chip and pin transactions, but customers with BMO Blue Debit-only cards will be unable to transact.

May 28, 2018

Please read this important client alert regarding potential fraudulent activity

May 28, 2018

"We are proactively contacting customers and taking all available means to protect their accounts, including blocking online and mobile access to accounts that may have been impacted, personally calling each impacted customer, as well as offering them free credit monitoring," the Bank of Montreal said. 

Both BMO and Simplii have stated that any money a customer loses because of the hack will be repaid. 

But if you bank with either of these institutions you’ll want to keep a very close eye on your account.

Source: CBC