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This 35-Hour Train Ride Takes You Up the Whole West Coast Of The US For Only $99

It goes all the way from LA to Seattle!
The Coast Starlight Train Takes You Up the Whole West Coast Of The US For Only $99

There’s something about traveling on a train that feels so whimsical. It's like time has slowed down and instead of rushing to get to your next destination, you can just sit back and enjoy the views. If you’re planning out your next dream vacation, there’s something you should see. The Coast Starlight train takes you up the entire U.S. west coast for only $99.

This Amtrak route takes you all the way from Los Angeles to Seattle on a scenic, 35-hour ride. You’ll get amazing views of so many cities, including Santa Barbara, the San Francisco Bay, Sacramento, and Portland. 

The scenery is unsurpassed. Think dramatic snow-covered peaks of the Cascade mountain range, the towering Mount Shasta, lush forests, and peaceful valleys. 

The long stretches of the Pacific Ocean can be seen throughout your journey. It makes for a perfect backdrop along the way. 

Since the trip takes nearly a day and a half to complete (each way), you’ll have some time to hop off at different spots and explore your surroundings. 

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, there are several options available.

The cheapest option is to book a reserved coach seat and bring comfy items of your own for the trip. The seats are large and there’s plenty of legroom. 

If you’d like, you can also reserve anything from a small and cozy roomette to a spacious family-sized room. 

You can also bring your own food or enjoy a traditional dining experience inside the dining car, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a small cafe to grab a quick bite. 

Prices for coach seats start at $99 per person for the Los Angeles to Seattle route and vary by day and accommodation.

If you’re looking for more ways to explore the California coastline, you can also check out the best California road trip anyone has ever been on.

You'll start in Norcal and work your way down the coast, all the way through San Diego. There are so many wonders in the Golden State.

Starlight Los Angeles to Seattle Route

Price: Reserved coach starts at $99 per person. 

Address: Los Angeles, CA to Seattle, Washington

Why You Need To Go: You can see the entire west coast for only $99 on an epic day and a half-long trip.


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