Christmas has come and gone, but baby, it's cold outside! According to Environment Canada, the coldest spot in Canada is -44 C right now. The unfortunate holder of that record is Margaret Lake in Yukon. 

The northern spot, which is home to a weather station, has claimed the title for the morning of December 27. While the cold/hot spot information is updated hourly, at the time of publication it is currently winning (or losing) with the chilling double-digit temperatures. 

It's so cold in the Yukon that it's actually even more freezing than Antarctica. We aren't just talking about a few degrees' difference either, there are actually 20 degrees separating the South Pole from the Canadian territory. 

According to local forecasts, the South Pole is at -24 C which is undoubtedly frigid but somehow seems balmy when you consider that's 20 degrees warmer than a part of Canada. 

In fact, some other parts of Antarctica are way warmer than that. For example, Carlini Base and San Martin Base are 5 C and 4 C, respectively. That's almost 50 degrees warmer than Margaret Lake right now. 

Still, there doesn't seem to be a lot of people living in this very cold region.

While there is a weather station for Environment Canada to get data from, there is no population information for Margaret Lake. 

When you look on a map, it also looks like there isn't a lot around there, just a lot of cold, Canadian wilderness and mountains. 

Margaret Lake sounds even colder when you compare it to Canada's hot spot of the hour. 

According to Environment Canada, the warmest place in the whole country is St Catherine's, Ontario, specifically, at the airport where their weather station is. 

The current temperature there is 11.6 C, which is over 55 degrees warmer than Margaret Lake today. 

So in the unlikely event that you are out and about in that area of the Yukon, bundle up because it's a chilly one. 

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