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The Complete List Of Everyone Kylie Jenner Dated Before Travis Scott

Some of these boys are just... cringe.
The Complete List Of Everyone Kylie Jenner Dated Before Travis Scott

So if you've been M.I.A. for the past week, Kylie Jenner revealed her pregnancy and the subsequent birth of her baby girl, Stormi. Naturally, her beautiful baby and her lovely boo, Travis Scott are the centre of every conversation.

I have a strong suspicion that Travis and Kylie are in it for the long haul. They've already had the baby, they've been dating secretly since last spring and now they're going to raise their daughter, Stormi. Considering their daughter is named, Stormi Webster - Webster being Travis' real last name, I'm assuming that she sees this relationship going all the way.

So, if Kylie really is going to be off the market, why don't we take a look down memory lane and see all of the bachelors that missed out on the opportunity to wife up social media icon, Kylie Jenner.

Here we go!


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After starring in this Canadian rapper's music video "Come and See Me", the two were rumoured to be dating. This was waaaay back in 2016, soon after she confirmed that they didn't actually "date" but they "had fun together". Whatever that means.

Cody Simpson

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Did you forget about this one? These two were so adorable! Kylie briefly dated the Australian singer back in 2012. The two had a cute but short-lived romance.


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The New York City rapper was rumoured to have hooked up with the lip kit queen. The two were seen together back in 2015 during one of the times that she was temporarily broken up with Tyga.


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The Miami rapper claimed that "he did everything" with Kylie shortly after her 18th birthday. I'm not sure how much merit there is to this claim but I guess we'll never know.

Ramsey IV

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This story is so cute. The two started dating when they were kids! They dated for three years. Oh, and he's a singer so maybe this is where her love for rappers came from?

Miles Richie

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Sofia Richie's older brother and the son of Lionel Richie was linked to Kylie for hot minute way back in 2014. You don't hear about this quick little romance but he's actually pretty cute.

Justin Bieber

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If you don't remember the Coachella madness then I'm here to remind you. In 2014 when times were good between all of the young socialites of Hollywood, Kylie, Kendall and Selena Gomez were friends. After rumours that Kylie and Justin were into each other during Coachella, Selena quickly unfollowed the sisters on Instagram and ended their friendships. Ouch.

Jaden Smith

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Kylie and Jaden are still really good friends. They dated back in 2013 when they were both little babies but now they are strictly friends. Jaden regularly hangs out with Kylie, Jordyn and the whole Calabasas crew.


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This rapper also claimed that he hooked up with Kylie but this time it was in a diss track aimed at her ex, Tyga.


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Kylie's most well known ex has to be Tyga. The two dated for three years on and off and she even got a "T" tattoo for him. Tyga is also eight years older than Kylie which created a ton of controversy. Kylie admits that Tyga was her first true love.

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