"The Confession Killer" True Crime Series On Netflix Canada Is Scarier Than A Horror Movie

The five part docu-series is now available on Netflix.
"The Confession Killer" On Netflix Canada

When it comes to true crime documentaries, many Netflix users love to binge-watch. Over the years we've heard stories about false confessions, the horrible crimes of Ted Bundy, and the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann, just to name a few. As of late, a new docu-series has taken the world by storm and it's called The Confession Killer on Netflix Canada.

Some of the most well-known serial killers include the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and Jack the Ripper, but there are tons of others who haven't had the same kind of fame as the most notorious ones.

One serial killer in particularly that you may not know about goes by the name of Henry Lee Lucas. Back in the 80s, Lucas was somewhat of a star, after having confessed to murdering over 600 people.

In The Confession Killer, we see Lucas' fifteen minutes of fame and multiple confessions play out. At least 200 of the murders he confessed to were attributed to the odd-looking wanderer, which earned him the title of America's most prolific serial killer.

As the five-part docu-series goes on though, we begin to see that Lucas may be more of a pathological liar than a serial killer, and it turns out that many of his confessions were outright lies that caused incomplete or botched cases to be closed.

Lucas died of natural causes in prison back in 2001, but many family members of his alleged victims are still alive and hoping for a chance to reopen their cases and find the true killers.

The Confession Killer was only released on Netflix this morning, but people are already loving the docu-series.

"The confession killer is out on Netflix! Henry Lee Lucas is one of the serial killers I don’t read much about so this is exciting to me considering he’s one of the deadliest," one person tweeted.

"scarier than a horror movie? Netflix's limited series. Must watch 'The Confession Killer'," added another.

If you're a big true crime fan, you'll be happy to know that more content from the genre is coming to Netflix later this month — Don't F*ck With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer will be available on December 18.

You can check out the haunting trailer for The Confession Killer below.

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