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The Creator Of "The Handmaid's Tale" Is Officially Working On A Sequel

Margaret Atwood's next installment is coming out in September 2019.
The Creator Of "The Handmaid's Tale" Is Officially Working On A Sequel

Margaret Atwood, the creator of the most intense dystopian novel ever, just announced that she is officially working on a "Handmaids Tale" sequel, called "The Testaments".  

Atwood's story has served as major inspiration and feed for the hit TV show by the same name. Though the book first came out over 30 years ago in 1985, it has jumped in popularity lately because of the show and that's part of what's prompted a sequel. 

Yes indeed to those who asked: I’m writing a sequel to The #HandmaidsTale. #TheTestaments is set 15 years after Offred’s final scene and is narrated by three female characters. It will be published in Sept 2019. More details:

November 28, 2018

In a tweet shared this morning, Atwood revealed that one of the inspirations for the book is everything she's ever been asked about Gilead, the fictional world where the first book and TV show take place. 

That's not her only inspiration, though. She also stated that another inspiration for her new sequel is the world we are living in. The start of the "Handmaids Tale" TV show coincided with Trump's presidency in the US, leading many people to draw comparisons and make statements about oppression in the world. 

If you haven't read the first book or even seen the show, the US government is overthrown and the group replacing it quickly abolishes women's rights. Women who are able to reproduce are forced to become handmaids and have babies with men in society. 

Atwood revealed that the sequel will be set 15 years after the main character, Offred's final scene in the original book. Since the book doesn't come out until September of next year, it is unclear right now how exactly that will play into the plot of the TV show. 

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The show, which is made by Hulu is currently filming its third season. The show stars Elisabeth Moss as Offred, and other major stars like Alexis Bledel, Joseph Fiennes, and Samira Wiley. 

While the storyline of the show has already gone on beyond what was originally written in the book, the future episodes will continue to be inspired by Atwood's work, especially the epilogue to Handmaids Tale. What does this mean for the new sequel? In this case, it will likely serve as even more inspiration for the hit show.