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"The Crown" Season 3 On Netflix Canada Is So Good That Viewers Can't Wait For Season 4

With the sheer amount of content Netflix puts out on a monthly basis, it's fair to expect that not all of it will be good. Sometimes, though, the streaming service will release a show that's so good that viewers hold onto their Netflix subscriptions solely so that they can watch it. One of those shows is none other than The Crown. The Crown season three on Netflix Canada is so good that viewers can't wait for season four.

If you're not familiar with the series, it's based on a play called The Audience, which tells the story of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s up until modern times. 

The Crown begins with Elizabeth's ascension to the throne at just 25 years old after the death of her father, King George VI. Of course, all the best shows are filled with drama, and this series is no exception — it follows the Queen's romances and political rivalries, all of which have shaped England into the country it is today.

Today, November 17, Netflix released the third season of the hit series. In typical Netflix-user fashion, some people have already binged all ten episodes of the latest installment, and are now practically begging the streaming service to get the ball rolling on the fourth season.

"The Crown season 3 is amazing I'm screaming I want season 4 already," one user gushed.

"Have me and my mum just finished the whole of season 3 of #TheCrown erm, yes darling we have. Now see to it that season 4 is hurried along?" tweeted another.

Another fan of the show shared their enthusiasm for a fourth season, saying, "Do you think Netflix would listen to us if we petitioned them to release Season 4 of The Crown within the next 6 months rather than this time next year? I don’t know how I will survive knowing there’s footage of G as Maggie and we can’t see it for at least 1 more year!!"

"The Crown" Season 3 On Netflix Canada Is So Good That Viewers Can't Wait For Season 4

Netflix has already confirmed that a fourth season of The Crown is on the way, and it even began filming in August of 2019, according to Yahoo.

No official release date has come out yet, but viewers are keeping their fingers crossed that they won't have to wait another two years as they did for season three.

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