This Texas National Park Has A Magical Secret Spot With The Most Incredible Mountain Views

Don't let the name fool ya!
This Texas National Park Has A Magical Secret Spot With The Most Incredible Mountain Views

Going on any hike in Texas will be beautiful from start to finish. Chances are you'll feel both refreshed and renewed moments into it, thanks to the weather. Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a paradise not far from El Paso, Texas and offers an incredible opportunity to go exploring in areas not many people take the trip to see. In fact, it has a hidden trail that practically doubles as a hallway. It's amazing!

According to American Southwest, Devil's Hall Trail is what remains after a ravine cuts through limestone that's extremely thin. On either side of the trail are massive cliffs that stand 100 feet high, making you feel slightly claustrophobic - but mostly amazed. The spot is completely natural and made from nature - but it was totally made for photos.

The entrance fee into the park is only $5, and it's good for an entire week! If you're feeling tired after a few hours but still have so much you want to see, no worries. You can always come back so you can take your time admiring your surroundings. El Paso is a growing city and not far from the park, so after a long day of hiking, you can always go sight-seeing. 

Nature really can blow you away if you visit the right places. This particular park is great to visit in the summertime or wintertime, as long as you dress properly! The trail is ranked as an easy to moderate hike, but don't take that as an excuse to not come properly prepared. Always be sure to pack loads of water and wear some tough, hiking shoes.

Why wait to explore your state, there's no better time than the present to go out and do the things that you've always wanted to - or that you've just learned existed!

Devil's Hall

Price: 💸

Address: Devil's Hall Trail Texas 79847

Why you need to go: Hiking here is so much fun, especially with the right people! You can go as slow or as fast as you want, and admire the beauty of Devil's Hall the whole way.


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