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The Director Of 'Get Out' Is Releasing Another Movie Called 'Us' And You'll Hardly Make It Through The Trailer

If you consider yourself a horror movie fan, odds are good that you've seen Jordan Peele's Get Out. The film is not only absolutely terrifying, but it also sheds light on real-life issues that people of colour face in our day and age, making it even more nerve-wracking for some to watch.

If you enjoyed Get Out, we've got some good news for you! Jordan Peele has come up with yet another brilliant horror movie plot, and the first trailer was just released. The film is called Us and is expected to hit theatres in March of 2019.

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Much like Get Outthe Us trailer starts off very light-hearted - it looks like your typical family vacation comedy featuring an all-star cast. Just a few minutes in though, things turn upside down very quickly, and you'll definitely find yourself on the edge of your seat, or having to sleep with the lights on.

Us is a lot like other horror films, in that it shows a family being stalked by creepy beings and having to fight for their lives. What sets this film apart, though, is that instead of being some sort of contorted monsters, the bad guys in this movie are actually identical mirrors of the protagonists.

Having to run from evil is bad enough, but imagine if that evil thinks and acts EXACTLY as you do, so there's no way for you to escape or outsmart it. There's no way you're getting out alive.

If you want to see the trailer for Usyou can check it out here:

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