We're now five weeks into the Canada Post strike, and with no end in sight, the Canadian government's patience is running thin. 

The failure of the collective bargaining process has brought frustrations between the federal government and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to an all-time high. On Wednesday morning, Labour Minister Patty Hadju expressed the government's willingness to use back-to-work legislation to bring an end to a strike that's severely impacting Canadians' shopping season. 

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While Hadju indicated she dislikes having to resort to this tactic, she told reporters that the federal government is "extremely serious" about doing so, and cited the busy holiday shopping season as the reason behind such forceful action. 

Canadians were made aware of the true impact of the strike when Canada Post warned they would not be able to honour their delivery standards over the holiday season. 

Now in their fifth week, CUPW’s strikes begin in Sudbury, ON and Calgary, AB, while continuing in Prince George, B.C. and in southwestern Ontario. Canada Post warns customers that it is not able to honour delivery standards due to large backlogs: https://t.co/bxq6HNAfDJ

November 21, 2018

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Unfortunately, the government's action likely won't reverse the expected shipping delays. According to The Financial Postregardless of whether or not a deal is reached this week, Canadians should still expect delays in mail delivery well into 2019. 

A spokesperson for Canada Post told The Financial Post,"The postal service remains operational, but the prolonged and ongoing strike activity has not only caused significant backlogs, it continues to greatly reduce our ability to process and deliver mail and parcels across the country."

Looks like the feds won't be saving Christmas after all.

Source: CTV News, The Financial Post