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The Free Toronto Event You Need To Check Out If You’ve Always Wanted To Study Abroad

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut right now? Need a bit of a culture change? Down to discover new and exciting things outside your front door?

Well, no worries if this is your life. It's just a sign that you should probably start considering new opportunities when they come. And one Toronto event is about to highlight a massive opportunity you absolutely should learn more about.

Toronto's Study and Go Abroad Fair is totally FREE to attend, and offers you the perfect opportunity to learn about studying, living, working and going on an adventure abroad. It gives you all the resources you need to do something different while experiencing unique cultures and meeting a community of diverse people. 

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The Study and Go Abroad Fair is open to anyone looking for an undergrad or post-graduate program overseas, volunteering, doing an internship abroad, or simply interested in a gap year, new adventure or career break. Meaning that although you can totally go abroad to study, this fair will also connect you with the resources you need to work overseas as well. (And trust us, that looks awesome on a resume!). 

It's essentially your opportunity to pursue your dream and passion. You’ll get to meet with the best of the best universities, grad schools, and professionals from countries all over the world - like France, England, Australia, Spain, The Caribbean and Denmark, for example.

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If you’re interested in studying abroad, or just want to travel and experience the world while upgrading your education and/or skills, the day-long fair lets you explore and see what’s out there. There will be numerous exhibitors available to answer questions about what life looks like around the world, like Air Canada Careers, Habitat For Humanity Canada, IE University Spain and many more

The fair is a unique opportunity to meet with different schools, businesses and volunteer groups from around the world. Imagine studying at a top U.K. university, spending your weekends immersing yourself in culture? Or studying hospitality management at SEG in Switzerland; learning Italian at the International Academy Antonella Italian Language School or studying Medicine in the Caribbean with Avalon School of Medicine... really, the sky's the limit here!

Go where your heart is telling you to go. Explore, dream, travel.  Study and Go Abroad empowers you to make it happen. YOLO, no FOMO.  Plus, no matter what you major in or or your level of experience, studying around the world has so many benefits. You’ll leave with plenty of stories, memories that last a lifetime, and friends from all over the world. 

Excited? You know it! Here’s what you need to do next.

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