It seems like ages since the Hedley scandal first broke, founded on a Twitter hashtag that called for girls to share their stories about the band's inappropriate behaviour. Since then it has resulted in the band getting dropped from their management, the Juno's, their opening acts and thousands of fans. Though now as more concerning allegations begin to surface, the girl behind the original movement is finally revealing her identity.

Going by the twitter handle @_cndnpsycho on Twitter, Taylor Bowman, a 21-year-old from Manitoba was determined to out the band for their long-standing inappropriate antics with young fans. She decided in mid-February to create the hashtag #outhedley2k18 with her friends, the final goal being to at least give people a platform to share their stories.

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While the goal was to raise awareness about the band's inappropriate antics, Bowman didn't expect the hashtag to go as viral as it did, "it just kind of blew up and we didn't really expect it to escalate as much as it did." Since then there are over 600 tweets using the hashtag and 60 stories surrounding sexual assault and harassment by Hedley members that have come from it. Bowman saying that the hashtag was when she "decided enough is enough."

Bowman desire to start the movement partly has to do with her own story regarding Hedley. Involving an inappropriate moment that left a bad taste in her mouth. It happened back in 2015 when Jacob Hoggard, the band's front-runner allegedly grabbed her butt outside of a bar in Manitoba where Hedley had been scheduled to play a show that ended up getting canceled.

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She recounted her reaction to the unsolicited grab at the time saying "I mean I was a little flattered I suppose because I was you know in my 18-year-old mind I was like 'Wow this is Jacob Hoggard, he's giving me attention" before noting that afterward, she thought "that's not cool." While Bowman didn't talk about it with anybody afterward, she said she ultimately lost respect for the band.

After hearing more and more stories about Hedley since then, that's when Bowman decided to create the hashtag and give other girls a proper platform. While she herself wasn't a victim of sexual assault at the hands of Hedley, she is a survivor of it herself and wanted to give girls the opportunity to at the least share their story, saying "I'm here to be a platform."

I believe the survivors and I will continue to stand by them. Please- if you have ever been affected by sexual assault, do not be afraid to come forward. #outHedley2k18

As to why she has decided to come out with her identity now, she claims to have done so in efforts to put a face to her Twitter account. Many Hedley fans who have chosen to continue supporting the band have tried to use the account's anonymity as a reason to distrust the stories being posted. While Bowman will inevitably be opening herself up to hate by revealing her name and face, her hope is that doing so will help people believe the victims coming forward.


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February 26, 2018

Hedley continues to deny the allegations that continue to pile up, including a detailed rape allegation against Jacob Hoggard that was released on Sunday, leaving fans and Canadians completely shocked. While Hedley continues on with their Canadian tour, crowds are dwindling. Their Montreal show hosted a mere 3,000 people in a 10,000 capacity venue, proving that until these allegations are shown to be false, Hedley could be over.

Source: CBC News