Over the nears, Netflix has become known for its boundary-pushing original content including true-crime, teen comedies, thrillers, and much more. Recently, the streaming service has begun putting out more documentary-style content, and The Goop Lab on Netflix Canada is stirring up plenty of controversy.

If you're a Gwyneth Paltrow fan or just a skincare fanatic, you may be familiar with a company called Goop, launched by the actress back in 2008.

The lifestyle brand started out as a weekly e-mail full of new-age health and beauty advice but over the years it's evolved to include a website, podcast, online store, pop up shops, and now, a Netflix docu-series.

Earlier today, the streaming service released the trailer for an upcoming show called The Goop Lab with Gywneth Paltrow, a six-episode series that takes audiences behind the scenes of Paltrow's unique approach to lifestyle.

According to the trailer, the show will explore boundary-pushing topics such as psychics, energy healing, anti-ageing, female pleasure, cold therapy, and psychedelics.

While this sort of new age healing is incredibly interesting to some, a lot of Twitter users are incredibly upset with Paltrow and Netflix for promoting such obscure lifestyle choices, and they haven't held back their opinions online.

"What the f... @Netflix. Why are you giving a platform to disinformation, pseudoscience and fringe ideas??? This is such a bad choice for you, you are not helping anyone, to the contrary, this will only hurt people and society. Shame on you. #netflix #goop #GwynethPaltrow," one person tweeted.

"Netflix & Gwyneth Paltrow, "gooping" the gullible and rolling in plies of pseudo science $$$ that may cost some their health & well being," commented another.

It's no secret that the outrage Netflix users are feeling about Paltrow's new show is very real, and more angry tweets are being posted by the minute.

The Goop Lab hits Netflix on January 24. You can check out the trailer for the new controversial docu-series yourself below.

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