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The Government Has Announced How Many Canadians Are In Danger Due To Natural Disasters This Week

Thousands of Canadians are in the path of major storms right now.
The Government Has Announced How Many Canadians Are In Danger Due To Natural Disasters This Week

If you’ve paid any attention to international weather news this week, you likely know that there is a massive hurricane heading towards certain parts of the United States today. Right now, a typhoon is also currently active in the Pacific Ocean,  as well as a tropical storm in the Caribbean.

To make matters even more worrisome, manyCanadians are in the path of all three of these storms, according to the federal government. The government has released numbers on how many of our fellow citizens could be in danger because of these potentially catastrophic storms.

You may think that most of the Canadians that the government is looking out for are in the path of Hurricane Florence hitting the States - but, you'd be wrong.

Approximately 440 Canadians have registered with the Department of Global Affairs to say that they are in the area of Hurricane Florence, which is beginning to hit states such as North Carolina today.

Many more Canadians are currently in the path of typhoon Mangkhut today, though. In total, Global Affairs says that it is aware of at least 3,446 Canadians that will likely be impacted by the storm, which is near the Philippines right now. 

The agency also says that it knows of a further 149 Canadians that are in the path of tropical storm Isaac, currently in the Caribbean.

But, these numbers do not tell us exactly how many Canadians are in potential danger, says the government agency.

Registering yourself as being in the path of a natural disaster is voluntary, but the numbers do provide an indication of how many Canadians are at risk.

The government has said that travel to the east coast of the United States should be avoided right now due to hurricane activity


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