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The Government Is Ordering An Ontario Man To Shut Down His Christmas Display Or Face Jail Time

The Kitchener man was ordered to stop using a radio transmitter in his lights display.
The Government Is Ordering An Ontario Man To Shut Down His Christmas Display Or Face Jail Time

In the ultimate Grinch move of this holiday season, the federal government is ordering an Ontario man to shut down part of his Christmas display. The move comes after concerns that a radio transmitter he used in the display was interfering with plane signals. 

The man received a formal "cease operation" notice from the government on Monday and if he doesn't follow it he will be facing a $5000 fine and even possible jail time. 

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The man, who lives in Cambridge, was using the radio transmitter to broadcast Christmas music perfectly timed with his lights display out to cars passing by. The signal broadcasts about 150 feet from his house. 

The government became concerned when they started getting reports of interference from planes attempting to land at the nearby Kitchener/Waterloo airport. 

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Via CTV News

After issuing the notice on Monday, representatives from the government department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada came to investigate the man's display and the radio transmitter. 

They determined that the transmitter wasn't following the guidelines outlined in the Canadian Radiocommunications Act. The man now has to shut down the musical part of his display but he is still allowed to leave the lights up. If he refuses and continues to play the music anyway, the government warned he will be penalized. Though, the length of the possible jail sentence he'd face is unknown.

The man has kept his Christmas lights up but told CTV Kitchener that it definitely isn't the same vibe without music. He also said he feels really bitter towards the government over it, calling it a Scrooge move on their part. 

Source: CTV News

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