The Government Is Voting To End The Canada Post Strike Today, Here's When They'll Be Back To Work

The CUPW strikes could be over by Tuesday.
The Government Is Voting To End The Canada Post Strike Today, Here's When They'll Be Back To Work

After over one month of Canada Post rotating strikes, the postal workers could be forced back to work by a vote from the Canadian Government this week. After introducing legislation that would end the strike last week, the government is now hours away from making an official decision. 

The bill is now in the Senate, where it will be voted on this evening. If they are successful, postal workers across the country will be back to work as early as tomorrow, Tuesday, November 27th at noon. 

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The rotating strike has been ongoing in Canada since October 22nd, but negotiations between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) have been going on for much longer. In fact, it's been over a year since the two parties began bargaining and they still haven't reached a deal. 

The union is demanding pay increases and also guaranteed hours for their rural carriers. Another concern that the union has is for worker's health, safety, and well being. Unfortunately, despite having a mediator assigned, the two sides have been unable to make a deal but are still negotiating in hopes of reaching an agreement before legislation is imposed. 

Justin Trudeau's party introduced the legislation late last week, saying that is was necessary to intervene since the strike is detrimental to the Canadian economy. The bill was then fast-tracked through the House of Commons and could be enacted as early as today. 

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One Canada Post spokesperson told media that "The postal service remains operational, but the prolonged and ongoing strike activity has not only caused significant backlogs, it continues to greatly reduce our ability to process and deliver mail and parcels across the country."

Canada Post confirmed last week that the backlog of packages created by the strike was already so large that mail delays would likely last through to January 2019. Meaning Christmas deliveries most likely won't make it on time for the holidays. 

Source: Ottawa Citizen