The Government Is Warning Canadians Not To Travel To These 3 Countries Right Now

Travel advisories issued for Mali, Haiti and Venezuela by Canadian government.
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The Government Is Warning Canadians Not To Travel To These 3 Countries Right Now

If you're planning on leaving for a vacation anytime soon, you should know that the Government of Canada is warning Canadians not to travel to three countries right now, including Haiti, Mali and Venezuela

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The Government of Canada routinely alerts the public on travel advisories and whether it's safe or unsafe to travel to certain parts of the world based on crime rates, terrorism threats, diseases and more. 

While the Government usually offers warnings that countries may be dangerous, they usually warn Canadians that you only need to exercise "normal" security precautions when going to most countries listed. However, right now, officials are advising all Canadians to avoid all travel and non-essential travel to three countries.

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Here are the warnings.


This morning on Wednesday, March 27, a travel advisory was issued for Venezuela. The government is advising Canadians to avoid all travel to the country right now due to significant levels of crime, unstable political climate and economic situations. In addition, basic living conditions have declined. 

There are currently shortages on medication, food staples, gasoline and water. 

The Public Health Agency of Canada has also issued a statement regarding Zika virus in the area. The agency recommends that Canadian travellers make sure to take extra precautions if they decide to travel to countries that are affected by the virus. 


If you plan on travelling to West Africa, the government advises that you avoid all travel to Mali, essential or non-essential. The latest updates from the travel advisory in Mali have high risks of terrorism, making it an unsafe place to travel to for safety and security reasons. 

There have been multiple attacks in Northern Mali targeting police and members of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali. The threat of attacks has moved to central Mali as well, which has "fueled inter-community tensions". 

Attacks and kidnappings by terrorist groups have been targeting foreigners, which could include tourists. The targeted areas could include government buildings, including schools, places of worship, airports and other transportation hubs and networks. Other areas could include tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, markets, hotels and more.

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The Government of Canada is warning travellers to avoid all non-essential travel to Haiti at this time. This is due to the unstable security situation throughout the country right now. They advise that security could quickly deteriorate due to civil unrest. 

In addition, The Public Health Agency of Canada has issued a statement regarding the Zika virus in Haiti. As stated before, if you decide to travel to an affected country, please be wary and take extra precautions to prevent contracting the virus.