Smoking is bad for you. We all know that already, but it doesn’t stop people from doing it anyway. 

The Government of Canada is trying to tackle the issue of smoking with a brand new set of regulations and rules for the industry in the hopes it will decrease the number of smokers though. 

And there are a lot of these new rules so let’s get to it.  

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Firstly the packaging on cigarettes is going to be changing to what’s called ‘plain packaging.’ 

What exactly that will look like is unclear at the moment,  but looking at what Health Canada recommends on what marijuana packaging should look like once it’s legal, should give you some idea.  

The government is also starting to focus in on the vaping industry.  

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One of these moves is to cut the number of flavours that are available. 

They are now banning any flavour that is “confectionery,” which is really just another way of saying any flavour that sounds like it might be candy.  

So if you're using something that tastes like cotton candy, that's probably going to be banned now. 

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These flavours will have to be removed within the next 180 days. 

Flavours like those are seen as a way of enticing younger people into trying e-cigarettes. 

They’re also banning the sale of vaping products to minors.  

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The government hopes that with the help of these new regulations it can reduce the percent of the population that smokes down to less than 5% by the year 2035. 

Right now it’s at around 15%. 

So if you’re one of that 15% you’re going to start noticing some changes to what you can buy very soon. 

Source: CBC