Today is Star Wars Day, an international celebration of quite possibly the most recognizable movie franchise of all time. 

It seems like everyone today is tweeting about, and the Government of Canada is getting in on the action as well. 

Library and Archives Canada have today released a statement saying they are partnering with the Galactic Empire to store the plans of the Death Star.  

Via Library and Archives Canada

In the release it says that the, “Galactic Empire, plagued by a series of malicious data breaches, has unilaterally declared that LAC’s new Gatineau 2 Preservation Facility will be the permanent repository of all future Death Star plans.” 

Librarian and Archivist of Canada, Guy Berthiaume, is quoted as saying this is, “a great step forward for Canada’s ongoing preservation!”   

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However all may not be going well between the government and the Empire as off the record Berthiaume reportedly has said, “this deal is getting worse all the time!”  

Hands up if you get that one Empire Strikes Back fans. 

Sith Lord Darth Vader is apparently very involved with the whole project of storing the death star plans from the rebels in Canada saying, “storing our records in LAC’s state-of-the-art preservation facility assures me that there will be no need for further disintegrations.”  

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We can only hope that this doesn’t end with us all being blown up for cooperating with the empire when Luke Skywalker shows up. 

You can check out the full hilarious post on the Library and Archives Canada government website here.