Calling all makers of sweet treats! The Great Canadian Baking Show is looking for new bakers for its fourth season and this year auditions will be done virtually. Do you think you've got what it takes?

The Great Canadian Baking Show is casting for a new season and anyone can apply online.

So, if you've been baking up a storm and are ready to compete, now's your chance. 

When you apply you just have to put in some personal information like your name, date of birth and where you live.

Then it gets into the sweet stuff.

You have to answer questions like what got you into baking, how often do you do it, what's your specialty and more.

You can even upload a photo of your latest bake.

Before you can submit the application, you have to include a video introducing yourself and say why you want to be apart of The Great Canadian Baking Show.

With all the uncertainty surrounding this pandemic and how long it could last, one-on-one virtual baking auditions will be held with selected applicants.

So instead of meeting in person, prospective contestants will have to bake in their home kitchen while people from the show watch virtually and ask questions about technique, ingredients and the progress.

After the deadline, all of the applications will be reviewed by the casting team.

If you're chosen as a candidate for the virtual auditions, they'll contact you.

From there, you could be headed to the tent to whip up some sweet treats because it wouldn't The Great Canadian Baking Show without the tent.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no production start date has been confirmed yet but the show is hoping to start up as soon as it's safe.

The deadline to apply is June 15 so if you want your shot at taking home the title, get your application in!

Netflix Canada recently added the show to its streaming lineup and you can watch the first two seasons in all their sweet glory!