You may or may not be a Dr. Phil fan, which is totally okay. However, you can't deny some internet gold has come from the show. Most notably Danielle Bregoli a.k.a. the Cash Me Outside girl a.k.a. the American "rapper" and social media personality BHAD BHABIE. However a new guest took to the Dr. Phil stage recently and the interview not only resulted in her getting kicked off the show - it showcased maybe the most bizarre and creepy storyline yet.

In the episode "I'm In Love With Someone From My Social Media Who I Never Met", 21-year-old Bailey claims that she's in love with a girl whose tweet caused her to fall in love "at first post". Even going as far as to say that Jasmine, Bailey's dream girl, talks to her by moving things in her apartment... telekinetically?!? (WTF)

However Jasmine, Bailey's internet crush, had another side to the epic romance. Jasmine says that Bailey has been harassing her online with messages, videos, and nudes through a variety of social media platforms.

Bailey downloaded an image of Jasmine and created a fake contact in her phone who she sent text messages to. Eventually Jasmine found and reached out to Bailey's mom for help and was given the advice to block her. Bailey though, persisted by creating fake accounts to keep the 'romance' going and even took to driving to Jasmine's home.

Eventually Dr. Phil brought Jasmine and Bailey face to face in order to stop the stalking and make Bailey realize this 'relationship' was all in her head. The conversation was eerie and uncomfortable to watch.

Throughout the interview Bailey can be seen lying to Dr. Phil (and getting caught) about promises his staff made to her about what would happen on the show. She even tried to dictate to Dr. Phil who should and shouldn't be allowed to appear on the episode (Bailey's mother specifically) which only resulted in pissing him off.

Bailey appeared to be flipping through emotions so dramatically that even Dr. Phil had to call her out for it. And then at the very end of it all, he just asked her to leave entirely saying, "I think we're just going to shut this down, we're not into all this melodrama and you playing the victim."

While Bailey's delusional romance is definitely a sad story from someone who clearly needs help - you can't deny that the interactions she has with everyone from her mother to Dr. Phil is creepy and confusing AF.