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A Viral Tweet Shows What Canada's Weather Is Really Like & The Rest Of The World Is Shook

Most Canadians don’t even think twice about the crazy weather we often experience in Canada. Whether it be tennis-ball sized hailstones, snow in September, or post-apocalytic-style storms, it’s just another day up North! However, when the rest of the world got a glimpse of Canada’s weather last week, they literally couldn't believe what Canadians have to regularly deal with.

When one Twitter account shared a short video of an intense Canadian hailstorm last week, they probably didn’t expect it to go viral. However, the clip was later retweeted by a different Twitter user, who added a hilarious comment about Canada, and it ended up being viewed more than 11.7 million times - and the rest of the world just couldn't believe it!

Retweeting the intense and terrifying hail storm clip over the weekend, one Twitter user added the caption, “Why did I think nothing bad happens in Canada?”

The video quickly went viral worldwide and was met with thousands of responses, with many people from across the globe expressing their shock that Canada has such weather.

In response to the clip, one non-Canadian asked, “Canada [sic] wtf aRE YALL OKAY?!”

Another added, “I'd be so f***ing scared, regular storms make me tense. I can't imagine seeing this let alone being OUTSIDE in it.”

Another surprised Twitter user responded, “WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL!!??”

While the rest of the world was totally shook seeing Canada’s hail storms, Canadians also responded to the post, to let everybody else know that this kind of weather wasn’t out of the ordinary at all.

One Canadian wrote, “That weather isn’t anything special lmao.”

Another added, “That shit happens all the time and we’re just chillin’.”

Another Canadian responded with a hilarious gif that said, “It’s just … I don’t know … drizzling.”

With some more crazy weather on the cards for Canadians in the coming weeks, the rest of the world will now probably be watching. And Canada’s weather is unlikely to disappoint!

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