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There Is A Hidden Waterfall In This Texas Park And It Is A Summertime Dream

Big Bend National Park has tons of hidden treasures but this one might just be your new favorite. Cattail Falls is hidden inside Big Bend Park and it could possibly be the most spectacular hidden waterfall in Texas. Getting to the falls is only a short one and a half mile hike and with it being 80 feet tall, it's hard to miss.

To get the falls you just have to follow Cattail Falls Trail. There is a small stream that leads you straight to it so you'll never have to worry about getting lost. During summertime, the trip is great for a hike but if you really want to see the water flowing we recommend you go during the spring or fall. Visitors of the falls can dive in for a quick swim as long as they are careful.

We recommend calling Big Bend in advance as sometimes they limit the number of people that can visit due to safety and preservation reasons. The falls are surrounded by massive walls of rock that make the falls perfectly secluded. The bottom of the pool is covered in rock instead of soil, keeping the falls cool during the summer.

There is only one sign that points to Cattail Falls in the Big Bend parking lot and it's not on only any of the trail maps. It's $30 per car to enter the park and it's open all day every day of the year.  Along the way, you will find plenty of pools and oak trees to keep you shady and cool.

Cattail Falls is located at Big Bend National Park, Texas. You can also feel free to visit their website for more information. 

Cattail Falls

Price: $30

Address: Big Bend National Park, Texas

Why you need to go: There is a beautiful hidden waterfall you won't want to miss. The gorgeous spot is super secret, making it perfect for a one-of-a-kind getaway.