The weather continues to grow colder in the South, meaning 'tis the season to be sick. We really aren't accustomed to consistent cold weather this early, which means our immunities may not be built up against the sudden cold temps. The dreaded influenza season is back and, according to the CDC, this city currently has the highest flu rates in the U.S. right now 

If you haven't had your flu shot this year, now is the time to hop on it because the flu is running rampant throughout Louisiana. Lafayette has the highest rate of infections, with New Orleans right below it at #3. According to the CDC, the number of flu-like illnesses in Louisiana is "widespread," reaching percentages almost double the national baseline, which is 2.4%. 

The reports measure both types of Influenza (A and B) as well as Influenza-like illnesses. Lafayette has topped the charts since October and still remains at #1. A local elementary school even shut down last week after 85 flu cases were reported. 

According to the most recent update (Nov. 9) on The Walgreens Flu Index, the second most infected city is Waco-Temple-Bryan in Texas. The list circles back to Louisiana with New Orleans at #3 and Baton Rouge at #5. There have been over 300 reported cases of the flu this fall in LA.

The top ten widespread flu infections are scattered throughout the South (with the exception of Nevada) in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Yikes.

Head over to Walgreens to get your free flu vaccine because even though it's not guaranteed to protect you, it's worth a "shot." Not to sound like your mom or anything, but stay away from your sick friends, wash your hands and take your vitamins. 

Stay well this season so you don't miss out on this decked out, drunken Santa fun run with unlimited alcohol.

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