With Christmas quickly approaching, it's understandable that people will want to take some time off for the holidays. While most people might be able to swing a few days or even a week, Canadian Members of Parliament are getting a pretty sweet deal. After the House of Commons in Canada concludes its sitting on December 13, it will be adjourned for a total of 44 days.

That's more than enough time to rest and enjoy the holidays, as well as time with the family, but MPs may also be using that time to listen to constituents in their ridings to know what issues need to be brought to the floor in the new year.

If provincial politics is anything to go off, it might be difficult for the average Canadian citizen to look at their government taking 44 days off of work as something that could actually be productive.

In Ontario, the provincial government was criticized for extending its own summer break to October 28, far later than the original return date of September 6.

Parliament will be convened on December 5, where a new speaker of the house will be chosen by a secret ballot. MPs will sit each weekday from then until December 13. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will also give his Throne Speech when Parliament is convened, and MPs will have the opportunity to debate it over the next six days.

Opposition leader Andrew Scheer had called for Trudeau to convene Parliament even earlier, on November 25.

Trudeau spent most of the month meeting with other party leaders, as well as the premiers from each province.

While Parliament will be taking a nice long break over the holidays, the Senate may stay seated longer. They are expected to be seated until December 20.

Apparently, the secret to having a lot of time off over Christmas (and New Year's) is simple: get elected.

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