Attention true crime lovers! The Innocence Files on Netflix just dropped and it's the perfect binge-watch to get your fill of horrifying true stories. Focused on wrongful convictions over the span of decades, it will totally give you Making a Murderer vibes.

The trailer for the nine-part docuseries was released earlier this month and introduced us to the stories of wrongfully convicted individuals that we would soon get to meet. 

Separated into three parts titled "The Evidence", "The Witness", and "The Prosecution", the series explores the justice system including all of its faults and flaws.

It's inspired by cases taken by the Innocent Project which was founded by Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck in 1992. According to the official website, the project "exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice."

Now, eight of the dozens of cases explored by the Innocence Project are discussed throughout each episode.

One of the most famous wrongfully convicted individuals you'll see is Kennedy Brewer, a Mississippi man who was convicted of Capital Murder and Sexual Battery against his girlfriend's three-year-old daughter in 1992.

After waiting for three years in prison for his trial, he was eventually sent to death row. Brewer then served 13 years in jail before being exonerated in 2008 after an investigation by the Innocence Project proved that he wasn't responsible for the crime.

On their website, the Innocence Project also discusses Making a Murderer star Steven Avery's wrongful conviction of rape. DNA testing proved he wasn't responsible for the crime and Avery was exonerated after serving nearly 20 years in prison.

LADbible writes that the series focuses on wrongfully convicted individuals including Chester Hollman III, Kenneth Wyniemko, Alfred Dewayne Brown, Thomas Haynesworth, Franky Carrillo, Levon Brooks, and Keith Harward.

Though it has been out less than 24 hours, Twitter users are already talking about all of the emotions it's making them feel.

Quite a few spent their time watching it sobbing, broken-hearted, and empathetic at the stories of innocent people whose lives were completely destroyed.

Others are angry and heated at how so many of these crimes went wrongfully convicted for years.

However it makes you feel, many agree that it's absolutely worth the watch.

You can stream all nine parts of The Innocence Files on Netflix now.