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The Jonas Brothers Romantic History

The Jonas Brothers have had multiple public relationships. You may have seen the hilarious Twitter thread that's currently being retweeted across the globe connecting Joe and Nick Jonas to a bunch of different celebrity couples. There's been a recent turn of events and someone realized that these two brothers also have romantic Canadian connections. Because of past relationships, the Jonas Brothers have a romantic history with Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber

The whole trend started after Twitter user Miki tweeted, "Nick Jonas dated Miley Cyrus who is dating Cody Simpson who dated Gigi Hadid who dated Joe Jonas." 

Replies began to pour in after that connecting a whole bunch of other celebs to Joe and Nick Jonas through their past romantic interests. Mikki's original tweet now has over 70k likes and the thread is 130 tweets long! 

The Canadian connection came into play when this twitter user wrote, "Joe Jonas dated Taylor Lautner who is dated Selena Gomez who is dated Justin Bieber who is dating Hailey Baldwin who is dated Shawn Mendes who is dating Camila Cabello." 

While they may have gotten their names confused, they aren't wrong about the Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes connection. While it isn't true that Joe Jonas dated Taylor Lautner it is true that he dated Taylor Swift, who dated Taylor Lautner, who dated Selena Gomez who dated Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber who dated Hailey Baldwin, who dated Shawn Mendes, who dated Camila Cabello

If your brain hurts, you're not alone. They tried to make a spreadsheet so things were easier, but too many relationships were being found to keep up! 

While it's all fun and games, the original user who started the thread, Miki, told Teen Vogue it wasn't all smooth sailing for them, “I don’t want Joe or Nick seeing it, feeling like I’m exposing them or attacking them as someone who’s their fan."

This whole thing started because Miki thought about Cody Simpsons song to Miley Cyrus while riding in an Uber, “I thought about that interview Cody had in 2011 about working on his album with Nick in the studio. It got me thinking about Cody’s song ‘Surfboard,’ which Gigi Hadid was in when they were dating, then my mind jumped to when Gigi dated Joe.”

While no celeb has responded to the lineage of romantic relationship this Twitter thread has created, we can't help but think that the Jonas Brothers would actually find this hilarious. They're all currently happily married, and looking back at how tumultuous their romantic past was may actually make them appreciate their lives now more! 

It's safe to say that this Twitter thread could go on forever and at the rate things are going that's what seems to be happening. Maybe another Canadian revelation will be revealed in the future? 

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