The Iconic June Motel Is Opening A Sauble Beach Location This Spring

They're kicking things off with an epic pool party!
The June Motel Has A New Second Beachy Location & It Sounds Like A Total Dream

The odds are that if you’re someone who subscribes to the "rosé all day" mantra, then you’ve at least heard of The June Motel. And if you’re lucky, you’ve enjoyed a glass (or two) of wine from behind one of its iconic pink doors. Well, hold on to your wine bottles, because the owners of the Prince Edward County hot spot are opening a second Ontario location this spring and it’s going to be a total dream. 

The new motel will officially open in Sauble Beach, Ont., on June 5, 2020. 

And don’t worry, the town might be brand new, but the vibes are all the same.

Co-owner April Brown tells Narcity you can expect everything you love from the original location, but with a fun beachy twist. 

“At The June in Sauble Beach we’ll still embrace our good wine and good vibes mantra," says Brown. "It will feel very much like The June in The County, but as if The June went to the beach.”

“We’re embracing the 1970s bones and beach town feel.”

And to kick things off the right way, The June Sauble Beach will celebrate with an epic pool party premiere on June 26-28.

Yeah, this one has a pool too.

Brown and her co-owner Sarah Sklash admitted in a recent Instagram post that the itch to open a second location came almost immediately.

“We've been dreaming about opening our second motel, almost since the day we opened our first," Brown continues.

"Literally. It was six months after we opened The June Motel in Prince Edward County that we gave in and went motel shopping, which, by the way, can be very fun or very depressing.”

While the two looked at seven other Ontario properties and even one in Quebec, there was something undeniably special about Sauble Beach, as Brown explains.

“When we came to Sauble Beach, neither of us had spent much time in the area, but we knew that Bruce Peninsula was a hidden gem that was about to blow up…

"However, we did our due diligence, spending a few weekends exploring Sauble Beach and the Peninsula, and we can’t totally explain it, but this area had a certain magic we were looking for,” Brown adds.

“There’s 11km of freshwater beach, the sunsets are some of the best we’ve seen in all of our travels, and you go hiking up the Peninsula and reach these cliffs with crystal clear swimming holes below."

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Much like the PEC location, this new motel needs to undergo a serious makeover. But, luckily, Brown and Sklash are armed with experience this time around. 

“When we bought our first motel, we were total newbies. We had to figure it all out as we went. How to renovate 16 rooms, how to design a motel room, what the brand would be and how we would define the guest experience.

"So much of that was established with the first property, and now we can just replicate and evolve it all with the new location,” Brown explains.

Opening rather aptly in June of this year, we're going to be honest and say we can't wait to visit this place.

If the second location is anything like the first, it surely promises to be a dream destination.

Are you packing your bags yet?

The June Motel & Swim Clubin Sauble Beach

Price Per Night: TBD

Address Or Neighbourhood: Sauble Beach, ON

Why You Need To Go: Whether you're already a fan of The June Motel or simply need a place to stay in Sauble Beach this summer, you won't want to pass by this place. 

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