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The Kardashians Might Be Team Chyna In The Rob Vs. Blac Drama

Safe to say they are not wearing his socks rn.
The Kardashians Might Be Team Chyna In The Rob Vs. Blac Drama

If you clicked this, then you already know what's been going on with Rob and Blac Chyna over the past several days. She "cheated," he went on an Instagram/Twitter tirade that resulted in him releasing nudes of Chyna for the world to see. 

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Not only was this a sh*tty move on his part - (you asked her to send you nudes and then put them on blast? Weak, Rob. Weak) - but it's a move that could potentially land Kardashian in jail. Posting nude photos of someone else in a vengeful way to attempt to tarnish their reputation is revenge porn and could land up to 6-months in county jail. Not to mention, 6-months away from his 6-month old child, Dream, who he and Chyna share custody of. 

Sources say that the Kardashians are extremely embarrassed at the attention Rob is getting and they definitely do not condone his revenge-porn tactics. They're more so upset about Dream finding out about all this baby mama/daddy drama when she gets old enough to look for it. 

Not one Kardashian/Jenner has spoken out about Rob. Which doesn't sadden us, but only leaves us hopeful for a juicy plot line on an upcoming season of Keeping Up. 

Speaking of baby mama, Chyna seems relatively unbothered by Rob's blasts. She took to Instagram to post pictures of her cosmetic line, using this media attention as a business plug in TRUE Kardashian fashion. Chy also added this borderline hilarious video: 

Does anything say idgaf like an over the shoulder kiss? Bravo Chyna, another level of petty.

Chy's alleged side-man also stepped up his own insta-game with this topless shot of the former dancer, making fun of Kardashian and how much money he dropped. Rarri captioned the pic, "That 250k In Jewelry Ain't mean Shit to RARRI💯 Rep Yo set 🥋 Lesson Learned Daniel Son​​​​​​​"

Will the least-known Kardashian end up in jail? Only time and Blac Chyna's lawyers will tell. For now, keep rolling in those Versace sheets, girl. Sweet Dreams. 

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