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The Largest Diamond Ever Discovered In North America Was Just Found In Canada

The diamond is 552 carats, making it North America's largest diamond ever.
The Largest Diamond Ever Discovered In North America Was Just Found In Canada

Canadian miners struck it big this week when they unearthed the largest natural diamond ever found in North America. The diamond, which is 5000 times the size of an average diamond, was mined in the Northwest Territories in October. 

The huge yellow diamond is over 552 carats, which is massive. To give you an idea of how big it is, Business Insider compared the size of the diamond to a chicken egg. Imagine that on your finger! 

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Via Dominion Diamond Mines | Facebook

The huge and impressive diamond was discovered at a mine owned by Dominion Diamond Mines. They own two mines, called Ekati and Diavik, both located in the Northwest Territories. They call their mines two of the world's highest rock value diamond mines and with this latest discovery, that seems to be true. 

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Not only are they a world-class mine but now they have laid claim to finding the largest diamond ever in North America. Previously, the record was held by a diamond called the Foxfire. Even then though, it was almost five times smaller than this new Canadian diamond at only 188 carats. 

Before it can be sold, the diamond will have to be cut and polished. The mine will be bringing in a qualified specialist to do this in the next few weeks before they can sell it. Obviously, a diamond like this isn't going to be cheap. Dominion Diamond Mines has yet to reveal what they'll be asking for it. 

To give you an idea of how much it would cost, the Foxfire - which was only a fraction of the size - sold for over $1 million at auction. To give you another idea, an over 300-carat diamond mined in Africa sold for over $19 million in 2015, so anything could happen. 

Via Dominion Diamond Mines | Facebook

The large yellow diamond found in Canada is about the size of a chicken egg and weighs twice as much as a tennis ball. It is a truly unique find for North America. 

Source: Business Insider