Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are among some of the most popular places to live in work in Canada. Each city has a unique energy made up of its culture, tourism scene, and nightlife. But just because they are popular, doesn't mean they're the best. 

One of Canada's big banks, BMO, put out a ranking of the best cities to work and live in and those major cities didn't even make the top 10. 

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BMO ranked 20 major cities, plus Prince Edward Island, based on the cost of buying a house or renting, tax rates, the job market and unemployment rate, and the average income of the city. 

The rankings don't factor in culture, things to do, or other factors that make up the vibe of a city, but when it comes to practical things like affording to live or work somewhere, this is how the results were. 


In the top five were Ottawa, Quebec, Hamilton, Edmonton, and Windsor. Out of the 21 places ranked, a third of them were in Ontario, with three of those making the top 10. Toronto, however, was not one of them. 

Toronto did exceedingly terrible being ranked 19th, with Vancouver doing only marginally better at 17th, and Montreal coming so close to the top in 11th place. The low rankings are most likely largely based on the cities' insane housing markets. 

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The lowest ranked city in all of Canada was St. John's, Newfoundland due to its extremely high jobless rate, with 14.4% of the population being unemployed.