6 Women From Quebec Played Lotto Max On A Whim & Won $50 Million

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6 Women From Quebec Played Lotto Max On A Whim & Won $50 Million

It must be a pretty great feeling to buy a lottery ticket out of the blue and then have that ticket be the winner of a massive jackpot. The Lotto Max winner is actually a group of six colleagues who only played the lottery by chance. Anybody who plays the lottery religiously will definitely be jealous of these people winning by playing on a whim. 

$50 million dollars is a lot of money especially for one person but even when you split that six ways it's still a lot of money. A group of coworkers in Quebec are now a whole lot richer thanks to a lottery ticket. 

For the Lotto Max draw on November 26, it was announced that the winning ticket for the $50 million jackpot was sold in Quebec but nobody had claimed the day after.

Now we're learning more about that draw and the people who won it.

Six coworkers, Lyne Gendron, Dominique Desroches, Josée Lareau, Christine Lavoie, Francine Lévesque Boily and Sandra Notargiovanni, only played the lottery on a whim after seeing just how big the jackpot was.

The winning ticket was bought in Saint-Hubert, a borough in the city of Longueuil just across the St Lawrence River from Montreal.

Gendron is the leader of the group and the one who suggested that she and her coworkers pitch in $5 each and try their luck with Lotto Max.

It worked out pretty well for them because now the group is $50 million richer.

After Gendron heard that the winning ticket was sold in Saint-Hubert, she went to check their ticket and immediately called her coworkers to tell them that they were now multimillionaires.

The winning numbers for the November 26 draw were 13, 14, 18, 22, 42, 44, 47 and 12 as the bonus.

The group celebrated their big win and posed with their cheque on Black Friday of all days. They definitely won't need to shop sales now that they've won $50 million.

What are they planning to do with some of the money? A girls' night out.

The retailer that sold the winning ticket also gets some money as well, a 1% commission of $500,000. So it pays to play the lottery and sell the tickets. 

Along with the $50 million jackpot ticket that was won by this group, one Maxmillions prize of $1 million was sold in Ontario for the November 26 draw.

Lotto Max draws are held every Tuesday and Friday. 

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