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The Mayor Of Stratford, Ontario Is Desperate To Have Justin Bieber's Wedding There And Here's How He's Going To Make It Happen

Now that it's officially confirmed that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged, people are starting to speculate about the plans for the wedding and come up with their own ideas. 

The mayor of Stratford, Ontario, Justin's hometown, has some ideas of his own. He thinks the couple should get married in Stratford and has offered a couple incentives to make it happen. 

Dan Mathieson is the mayor of Stratford. He obviously realizes that a celebrity wedding like Justin and Hailey's would be a good move for the city and he is desperate to make that happen. 

He told TMZ his pitch to the couple, drawing on Justin's Canadian and hometown pride. Not only that but he is willing to throw in a few perks. Mathieson has said if the couple gets married in hockey season he will give them free tickets to Stratford's local hockey team the Warriors and if it's summer he will let Justin play at the summer music festival. 

The little incentives aren't just for the couple. Mathieson has also offered to throw in discounted admission to the Justin Bieber Museum for all the wedding guests. Beyond all the little perks, the Mayor also made a good point that the people of Stratford would respect the couple's privacy as they always do whenever Justin is back in town. 

It makes sense not only for the town to want the wedding there, but it would be a good choice for the couple too. Not only is a lot of Justin's family in the area but it isn't too far for the Baldwins to come up from New York either. Not to mention the fact that Stratford is a beautiful city and would be the perfect wedding backdrop. 

But since Justin just confirmed the engagement on Instagram last night, it is probably a bit early to be speculating about venues for the big day. 

Source: TMZ

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