One of the best things about Disney movies is that we got to enjoy them in our childhood, but we also now get to watch them as adults. Whether it's because you have children of your own that you want to introduce the classic films to, or simply because you're feeling nostalgic for the years of your past, the content can be enjoyed at any age. With the upcoming launch of Disney's very own streaming service, it will be easier than ever before for you to watch your favourites from the Disney vault, as well as the new content they have in store. The Mighty Ducks reboot on Disney+ Canada is starting production in February of 2020. 

Back in the 90s, a film called The Mighty Ducks came out, starring Emilio Estevez as a lawyer who, after being arrested for driving drunk, was forced to coach a kid's hockey team as a form of community service.

The film warmed the hearts of audiences everywhere and even led to the production of two sequels, as well as an NHL team name inspired by the Mighty Ducks.

It's been years since we last heard from the team, but Disney has decided that it's time to bring them back in a new TV series that will be available exclusively on Disney+. And did we mention that when you sign up now, you can a Disney+ Canada trial free for the first 7 days!

It's currently undetermined whether the original cast will be making a comeback in this new TV series, but from what we know so far, the show will be about a 13-year old boy whose mom assists him in creating a new hockey team after he was kicked off his own.

Major details about the series have yet to be revealed, but production will supposedly begin in Vancouver, British Columbia in February of 2020.

"'THE MIGHTY DUCKS' series is in development for #DisneyPlus. The series will focus on a 13-year-old boy who gets kicked off the Mighty Ducks until his mom decides to start their own team, find players, a coach, and a place to play. Production is eyed to begin Feb. in Vancouver", a Disney+ update account tweeted yesterday afternoon.

Disney+ will be launching on November 12 here in North America, and the streaming service already has an awesome content lineup planned, with more trailers and announcements coming on a regular basis.

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