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7 Picturesque North Carolina Places To Find Healing After A Breakup

A little nature therapy to the rescue.

Healing isn't linear, especially when it comes to life after a breakup. The days where you wake up feeling the devastation on repeat are the most trying, but you can combat those days with a little nature therapy. These are some of the most beautiful places in North Carolina that will leave you feeling reignited, inspired and on the path to healing. 

These destinations take you far from your routine in the city and span every inch of the coast. From mountain peaks to sand in between your toes, visiting all these locations won't even break your bank since they're absolutely free.

All you have to worry is gas money, packing your car with some feel-good essentials (snacks, wine, a good book or journal would be our starter pack) and hitting the road solo or with your BFFs. 

Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Price: Free

Address: 300 W Carolista Dr., Nags Head, NC

Why You Need To Go: This vast sand dune landscape is both a bit barren and breathtaking. It's the perfect place to stop, breathe and reflect as you catch a sunset over a Sahara-like backdrop.


Emerald Isle

Price: Free

Address: Emerald Isle, NC

Why You Need To Go: This 12-mile stretch of sand is met with emerald water straight of out a dream. Here, saltwater and sunshine heal everything.


Skinny Dip Falls

Price: Free

Address: Blue Ridge Pkwy., Canton, NC

Why You Need To Go: Among the hundreds of waterfalls in the state, the water you find at the end of this brief hike is crystal clear. You'll be entranced and inspired by the beauty.


Serendipity House 

Price: Free to visit, one-week rentals vary

Address: 23288 Beacon Rd. E, Rodanthe, NC

Why You Need To Go: For the lonely nights where you need a dramatic rom-com in your life, you can watch Nights in Rodanthe and then visit the exact house where the film takes place.


Goose Creek State Park 

Price: Free

Address: 2190 Camp Leach Rd., Washington, NC

Why You Need To Go: For an escape outside of the North Carolina you're familiar with, this wetland paradise feels like the Louisiana Bayou. Mini Mardi Gras celebration, anyone?


Craggy Gardens 


Address: Great Craggy Mountains, Ivy, NC (milepost 364-367)

Why You Need To Go: Much like what you've experienced, this garden looks like it's straight out of a twisted fairytale. The warped trees, low fog and flowers make for an enchanting adventure.


Wiseman's View

Price: Free

Address: Old NC Hwy. 105, Marion, NC

Why You Need To Go: This view will make you realize just how small your problems are in comparison to the vast, picturesque world out there.