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This Graffiti-Covered Mountain Has The Ultimate Panoramic View of North Georgia

Perfect for hiking during the holidays.
The Most Beautiful Views In Georgia Can Be Found At This Mountain Hike

The holidays are right around the corner, which might mean you have some extra time in your schedule to get outdoors and enjoy everything nature has to offer. Georgia has some incredible parks and outdoor areas to explore, especially if you want to see some of the most beautiful views in Georgia.

If you haven't get been to Currahee Mountain located in Toccoa, Georgia, it's somewhere you may want to explore. You'll head to the Currahee Mountain Trail, which is a 5.3-mile long out-and-back trail (meaning that you go back the same way you got there).

It's rated as a moderate trail, so you'll definitely get some good exercise in when you go. Keep your eyes open, as there's a great chance you could see some wildlife on this trail, and you don't want to miss it.

That's only part of the appeal, though. If you make it all the way up to the top of the mountain, you are going to be rewarded with some absolutely stunning views.

The rocks at the top are also covered in graffiti, which makes it an even more exciting attraction. It's also the perfect spot for a photo op with your friends.

Just keep in mind that you'll be going up about 1,000 feet in elevation, so get ready for a bit of a climb. You're definitely going to want to bring sturdy hiking shoes and plenty of water and maybe even a snack or two.

If you're looking for a completely new and unique hiking experience this holiday season, then Currahee Mountain should be at the very top of your list.

Currahee Mountain

Price: Free

Address: Toccoa, Georgia

Why You Need To Go: The summit has gorgeous views and colorful graffiti.

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