10 Places In Canada That Have The Most Canadian Names

Canada Creek, Snowball and more!
The Most Canadian City Names Are So Hilarious
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There are a lot of stereotypes about Canada like it's always cold, we're always nice, we all live in igloos and we say a-boot not about, just to name a few. While some of the ideas others have about Canada might not be true, some places in the country have such Canadian names. The most Canadian city names are so hilarious.

Places in Canada definitely have some weird names. Across the country, towns and cities and parks can be pretty bizarre. We all know about Dildo, Newfoundland and Jimmy Kimmel's love for the town.

There are also places in Canada that have names that are so Canadian it hurts like Beaver Creek or Winterland.

From cities to towns to lakes to rivers, here are 11 places in Canada that have the most Canadian names.

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Does it get more Canadian than this? It's Moose Jaw. The moose is definitely one of Canada's great animals.

Winter Harbour, B.C.

Winter Harbour is such a beautiful name for a place. This small fishing village on the northern tip of Vancouver Island is so picturesque and the name is quintessentially Canadian.

Beaver Creek, Yukon

Canada's national animal is well represented across the country. There are so many places with beaver in the name, and a few make this list. Beaver Creek is a small community near the Alaska-Yukon border and is actually Canada's westernmost community.

Canada Creek, Nova Scotia

Not to be outdone by Beaver Creek, this community in Nova Scotia takes Canadian names to another level by actually having Canada in its name. Plus, the lighthouse is basically the small-town version of the one in Halifax.

Snowflake, Manitoba

Even though this small rural community is named Snowflake, it doesn't always snow there. Summers are quite beautiful there and the flat plains make for a great show when summer storms roll through.

Beaverton, Ontario

This isn't the birthplace of the satirical news site and TV show but that doesn't mean this Ontario community isn't equally as great.

Winterland, Newfoundland

For a place named Winterland, it's a good thing winters are so beautiful. This Newfoundland town sounds like it could be straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Maple Creek, Saskatchewan

Having a town named Maple Creek is just so Canadian. This place in Saskatchewan has annual heritage and food festivals and newcomers are always welcome. So if you've always wanted that small-town life Maple Creek is waiting for you.

Beersville, New Brunswick

Beersville, a small community north of Moncton, could only be more Canadian if it was called "brewski" or "two-four". Even though it's probably not named for people's love of beer, it's still pretty Canadian.

Pine Point, Northwest Territories

Pine Point is a town on the south shore of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. The stunning blue water, steep cliffs and pine trees are so eye-catching.

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