Today Is Blue Monday & It's Officially The Most Depressing Day Of The Year

There are several reasons you might be feeling extra blue today.
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The Most Depressing Day Of The Year Is Here & It's Known As "Blue Monday"

If you’ve woken up this morning feeling a little down, a little grumpy, and just generally a little more “blue” than you usually do, you’re apparently not alone. In fact, today is Blue Monday. It's officially recognized as the most depressing day of the whole year for everyone.

The unofficial holiday, which falls annually on the third Monday of January, is the name given to the most miserable day of the new year ahead.

While it’s not exactly a scientific term, experts have reason to believe that it’s the one day of the year that Canadians feel at their collective lowest, thanks to a number of factors lining up.

Unhappiness peaks this year on January 20, when the weather is dark and cold, our New Year's motivation has slumped, Christmas has become a distant memory, and the festive bills have started rolling in.

Despite the term “Blue Monday” being originally invented as a PR stunt by a travel company, it has since become a northern hemisphere phenomenon, and people around the globe are believed to be waking up this morning feeling unhappier than usual.

That said, despite the misery factors and bone-chilling conditions that many Canadians are experiencing right now, there’s still hope to turn things around.

Experts have a number of suggestions for pick-me-ups for this depressing day (and the rest of the year) and they’ll help you make the very best out of a bad day.

According to some experts, specific foods and drinks could help ease you out of this winter slump.

Spinach is believed to boost energy, while yogurt can help reduce anxiety. Avocados and sweet potatoes can also improve your general mood. 

If you feel like treating yourself, there are hundreds of perfect brunch spots across Canada that will have you feeling better in no time.

One psychologist recommends setting 15 minutes aside to do absolutely nothing could offset any negative vibes while booking a break or spending time in nature might “lessen feelings of despair” on Monday.

When it comes to feeling better today, you do you.

Whether that’s exercising, shopping, playing video games, booking a vacation with your besties, taking a long bath, eating an avocado, or eating an entire pizza to yourself — if it makes you feel good, just do it!

While Blue Monday can feel like a day of only doom and gloom, there’s actually plenty of wonderful things going on in the world, too.

Over in Calgary, CIR Realty and AARCS Canada are teaming up to bring baskets of adorable rescue puppies to cheer up people feeling that January slump.

In the U.K., charities are changing the term to “Brew Monday,” and are using the opportunity to offer a cup of tea and a chat to those feeling lonely or lost after Christmas.

If nothing else, Blue Monday is a good opportunity to get people talking about mental health, and how important it is.

If you, or someone you love, is struggling, consider reaching out to a health professional or someone you trust.

Talking to somebody else is always the first step.

Just remember, it’s only January 20 and it can still get better from here.

Stay smiling, Canada.

Helena Hanson
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Helena Hanson is a Senior Editor for Narcity Canada's Trending Desk focused on major news. She previously lived in Ottawa, but is now based in the U.K.
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