The Most Heartbreaking Episode Of This Is Us Aired Yesterday And Fans Are Distraught

It finally happened. 😭
The Most Heartbreaking Episode Of This Is Us Aired Yesterday And Fans Are Distraught

Whether you watch This Is Us or not, you have probably heard about the character Jack and the emotional rollercoaster of his impending death. Though yesterday the waiting game for his death has finally come to an end. It was clear that every fan of the show was pretty anxious to see what the next episode in the third season (that aired yesterday after the Super Bowl) would reveal. Which ended up being the final farewell to one of the series' most loved characters... or so we think. 

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While we kind of did know how Jack died, we didn't exactly know the full story. Going into yesterday's episode we knew for sure he died thanks to a slow-cooker shorting out. Though we didn't know how everybody else made it out of the house safely while Jack did not. 

It turns out Jack went back into the house not only to save the dog but also to grab family mementos such as Kate's audition tape, family photos and the cards that his kids gave him for his birthday. Yeah- cue the tears now. While he got out of the house seemingly unscathed, fans of the show knew Jack wouldn't make it out of this episode alive- ending up dying of cardiac arrest when Rebbecca wasn't looking. 

The episode was definitely hard to watch to say the least. Though if it makes you feel any better,Milo Ventimiglia, who plays (or should I say played) Jack on the show gave fans some hope when he took to Twitter after the episode aired: 

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So what does this mean exactly? We've got absolutely no idea, but it definitely softens the blow of his death a bit. It will definitely be interesting to see how the show carries on without his character, but if you are still pretty upset, Twitter offered some comic relief for distraught fans:

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