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The Most Iconic Canadian Cartoon Is Launching Its Own Merch And It’s Giving Us Major Nostalgia

Get ready to be transported back to the early 2000s!

Presented by Retro Rerun

When we mention the 2000s, you might instantly think of flip phones and trucker hats. But you know what you should be instantly reminded of? One of Canada's most iconic cartoons.

6Teen's series finale officially aired 10 years ago this month, and to celebrate the last decade (!), they've released every episode for free on YouTube

Every 👏 Single 👏 Episode. 

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As I'm sure we all know, 6Teen was truly one of the most awesome shows in Canadian cartoon history. It had it all: drama, diversity, dry humour, developed characters, and some surprisingly real plots for a cartoon. 

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I know it seems like just yesterday we were chilling with Jonsey, Jen, Nikki, Jude, Wyatt and Caitlin at the iconic Galleria Mall. But, in reality, it's been a whole 10 years since the show went off the air! 

To celebrate this milestone, 6Teen has released show-based merch in collaboration with Teespring. Meaning you can now take home tons of awesome limited-edition merch that's been newly released in honour of the show's 10-year anniversary! 

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Some of the characters' iconic t-shirts have even been recreated, so in case you've ever wanted to dress just like Jude, Nikki or Jonsey, now's your chance!

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They even have super niche items available, like Mighty Weasels shirts. This super specific shirt was created specially for the 10 year anniversary; it's based on the tour gear from the band Nikki and Jude are obsessed with in season 1. It includes tour dates on the back that actually align with the days of the week in 2004 (the year the show was released) and even have venues that existed in those cities in 2004 which have since been renamed.

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And if you want to relive these classic 6Teen episodes, then the good news doesn't just stop at merch! All episodes can now be streamed for free on the Retro Rerun YouTube channel, giving you no excuse to not indulge in a late-night 6Teen binge-watching session! What're you waiting for? Happy reminiscing, dudes.

Ready to rumble, retro-style? Check out the awesome new 6Teen merch here and stream free episodes of the show now!