The "Most Intense Storm On The Planet" Is Hitting Canada And These Are The Provinces Being Affected

High winds will create the highest waves in the world today for this province.
The "Most Intense Storm On The Planet" Is Hitting Canada And These Are The Provinces Being Affected

Canada is known for having to put up with some extreme weather come the colder months of the year, but the current weather hitting the Maritimes is unlike anything many have ever seen before. As of now, the storm is so bad that it's been called "the most intense storm on the planet," by local meteorologists.

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As of right now, over 12,000 Newfoundland Power customers have no power as a result of the severe weather. Winds have reached speeds as high as 130km/h resulting in massive waves along the coast as well as mass cancellations, delays and closures in response to the worsening weather. 

Watch out #nltraffic 5foot by 5foot sheets of material flying off the roof off the new science building. Landing on and across the street

November 15, 2018

Environment Canada has already issued severe wind warnings for the Avalon area as well as specific surge warnings along the northeast and east coast. Though other areas such as Bonavista and Twillingate that are more northeast of Avalon's coast are also seeing wind gusts dipping and surging between the range of 100km/h to 140km/h. 

With winds that extreme by the coast, waves as high as 9 metres have been pounding at the coastlines as well as 11-meter waves being spotted over in Grand Banks. The footage that locals have been able to capture looks beyond surreal as meteorologists claim the waves seen in Newfoundland today will be the highest across the globe:  

The effects of the incredibly strong low pressure system moving through Atlantic Canada will cause the largest waves on the PLANET near the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.Meteorologist @50ShadesofVan shows us just how big they'll be 🌊

November 15, 2018

While areas such as Makkovik and Rigolet are dealing with wind warnings, the Northern Peninsula and the island's west coast are currently dealing with Winter storm warnings. As a result, a significant amount of flights at St John's International Airport, the Gander Airport and Deer Lake Airport are either cancelled or delayed. 

With ferries docked, schools closed and winds not subsiding until Thursday night, Newfound and Labrador residents should keep an eye on both the Newfoundland Storm centre as well as the Labrador Storm Centre in order to keep in the know. As well as remain inside and away from the coastline if possible for today. 

Sources:The Weather Network, CBC News 

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