One of the best things about visiting states is finding all the quirky, whimsical historical facts. Something that may look small, or even huge, tends to have a cool story behind it. That's surely the case with the Neverbust Chain in South Carolina that's really hard to miss (and you don't want to it miss it). 

The Neverbust Chain is an art installation in Columbia, South Carolina created by local Warren Edward Johnson, aka Blue Sky.

The artist funded and commissioned the piece himself, after getting permission from the adjoined building owners. 

The chain can be seen hanging casually in the downtown area between Sylan's Jewelers and Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse, about three blocks north of the State House. 

The Neverbust Chain was installed in 2000 and attracts tourists and locals alike to this day. The links of the chain are made of steel created by Blue Sky himself.

He then hired professional welder Dewayne Rice to ensure the welding and used 2,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure to secure the final link.

The chain is 25 feet long with a diameter of five feet, so it's pretty hard to miss when walking down the street. The middle link reads "NEVERBUST" in bold lettering, which you can see by observing the chain in close proximity. 

To date, the links remain untarnished and hanging strong. Sky notes on his personal website that the links were inspired by his previously installed exhibit "Space Lace," which was on display at the Columbus Museum in 1972.

"Space Lace" had a similar effect, as it was a 10-foot chain designed to look as if it was securing the ceiling to the building.

When asked why he chose to put the link between these two buildings, Sky replied, "One building looked like it was leaning a little bit." This chain pretty much sums up everyone's sentiments right now: just hanging in there


Price: Free

Address: 1500 Main St., Columbia, SC

Why You Need To Go: This art installation is a 25-foot steel chain that is a whimsical addition in-between two buildings.